U-Turns Made Easy

Here's My Method For Perfect U-Turns

Making a U-Turn is easy if you follow the following procedure. 

1. Start your U-Turn moving at a stable speed in first gear.

2. Use the Friction Zone – let the motor rev up a bit.  Do NOT pull in the clutch all the way if you feel like the bike is falling, rather do the opposite, and let it out. This will stand the motorcycle back upright. If you take away power, the bike falls. 

3. When you start your turn, quickly turn your head all the way to the left as far as you can, and focus on a traffic light or something else that is down the road behind you. 

4. Use a bit of REAR drag brake to help you turn tighter to keep the bike in the lane. YOUR BIKE CAN DO THIS IF YOU FOLLOW STEP 2. 

5. TRUST that your bike will go where you look. KNOW that if you look down, you will go down. You MUST focus on where you want to be, not where you are.

Motrocycle U-turns

TIP: You can practice this on your bicycle!

TIP: Putting your foot down is a fail. You will break your ankle. It is NOT an option

TIP: See #2.  Moving your eyes is NOT ENOUGH. Move your head. That is what makes the magic happen.


Ride Captains and Tail-Gunners

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